Strategic Orientation of Private Security Business Department (PSBD)


To work efficiently in order that the UAE becomes one of the world’s most secure and safest countries


To develop capabilities of private security companies with a view to enhancing security and safety of the community


  1. Justice & Human Rights
  2. Honesty & Integrity
  3. Leadership & Teamwork
  4. Creativity & Excellence

Strategic Goals

  • Finance and technology
  • Working with partners
  • Promoting excellence and creativity
  • Enhancing safety and security of the community
  • Maintaining the community’s confidence in the services provided by private security
  • Investment of our human resources
  • Optimal use of resources


  • Number of licensed companies
  • Number of licensed security staff
  • Number of captured offences
  • Degree of public satisfaction
  • Degree of feeling secure
  • Degree of employee satisfaction
  • Rate of Emiratization in PSBD
  • Time of providing the service
  • Rate of income and revenues increase
  • Number of local partners
  • Number of overseas partners
  • Number of applicable proposals
  • Promoting teamwork