"Internal" inspection team continues its fu ...

"Internal" inspection team continues its functions periodically 43 security company comprising 30 thousand licensed guard in the UAE

Start Date 16/12/2014

End Date 16/12/2014

Special Interior Ministry security management companies confirmed that they are dealing with observations on the work of private security companies, permanently as opportunities for improvement and development in the private security sector, and is working to clarify the positive aspects of all, which enhances the work in this framework through a team of follow-up and inspection based tasks periodically Security guards at the various work sites, based inspection over the guard license and the extent of its commitment to securing the job site.

Said Colonel Ahmed Alhantoba, director of licensing for the Interior Ministry security management companies, the guards of private security firms licensed to operate from the Ministry of Interior who perform tasks and responsibilities assigned to them by where they work, and carry out the instructions issued to them from the point of contract, and is their functions and roles preventive contribute to the security and safety at all sites, pointing out that the number of private security companies licensed by the Ministry of Interior reached 43 security companies operating in different emirates, and has more than 30 thousand guard.

He pointed out that the management of private security firms in the Interior Ministry identified the conditions required to license the security guard, and are checking on the availability of these conditions by the Department of private security companies before the guard license, in accordance with the provisions of Article 96 of the Ministerial Decree No. 557 for the year 2008 include proficiency in both languages Arabic and English, or proficiency in at least one of with his knowledge of the other language, and get a high school diploma or its equivalent, shall not be less security expertise in the field of police and security forces or armed forces for two years, and not least the age of 21 years and not more than 55 years, and not less than length 160 cm for males and 150 cm for females, that the body be consistent and fit, and that the applicant pass the tests prescribed by the competent authority.

The law also requires the Regulations undergo goalkeeper training session a week-long training a total of 40 hours of training, to include a session on the sense of security and deal with fire and evacuation and secure the crime scene and the preservation of evidence and a mechanism to communicate with the security services and the powers of arrest and seizure granted to the guards, according to state laws skills, and other security measures in force in the country.

The guards are required to undergo specialized course of not less than 3 days training to work in some areas; such as hospitals, banks, hotels and vital installations and the transfer of funds.

At the end of each session, the guard is subject to evaluation and testing by the Department of private security companies, and must be on guard to get more than 70% for the license in the event of failure Sentinel gives only one opportunity for re, in the case of Rsoppe second time prevents the exercise of the security guard duties, guards and is subject to an annual refresher course is a two-day through which give security guards training doses for the latest security developments and assess its performance over the past year.

He added that the training and teaching of the guards on the legal powers granted to them, according to the laws of the state and the specific provisions in the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, note that increasing the powers of arrest and seizure or expand them under the jurisdiction of the legislative bodies in the country.